Advisory Council

The Good Shepherd School Advisory Council is an advisory board to the Pastor and Principal. The Board provides advice and recommendations to the Principal regarding general policy for the overall operation of the school. All functions of the Advisory Council are subject to the Principal’s and Pastor’s approval and to such policies and regulations that might be promulgated by the Catholic Schools Advisory Board of the Diocese of Dallas, the Diocesan Education Office and federal, state and local laws.

The Advisory Council is composed of elected and appointed members each serving a three year term. Members are traditionally parents of school children at Good Shepherd Catholic School.

The Advisory Council employs the philosophy, vision statement and mission statement of Good Shepherd Catholic School as instrumental guidance tools.

Good Shepherd Catholic School is accredited by the following:

Texas Catholic Conference Education Department – TCCB ED

Texas Catholic Conference Accreditation Commission – TCCAC (TCCAC is the designated body by the Texas Education Agency as the governing body for Catholic Schools in Texas)

Good Shepherd Catholic School is also a Member of the National Catholic Education Association – NCEA

School Advisory Council 2018-2019


Irene Ozuna-Moreno

Lisa Ybarra

Board Members
Vianney Merkledove
Valeska Wanke
Cathy Zoch
Sanjuana Garza
Socorro Fernandez
CoCo Gonzalez

Ex-Officio Members
Gail Richardson-Bassett, Principal
Rev. José Luís Esparza, Pastor
Kathleen Hastings, Business Manager
Alex Sandoval, Pastoral Associate