Lunch Program

Lunch menu available at www.twelveoakscatering.com under K12 menu.

How the lunch program works

  • Cost per meal: $4.00
  • The lunch program at Good Shepherd Catholic School is provided by Twelve Oaks Catering.


Benefits of Twelve Oaks Catering:

  • Over 2o+ years of School Catering Experience
  • A  20+ year record of Safe & Wholesome Food Reliability
  • A  20+  year record of Professional & Reliable Service Courteous, Welltrained, and Backgroundchecked
  • USDA compliant & HAACP guided production facilities
  • State and Dietician Approved Menu with foods kids will eat!
  • Emphasis on “Freshness, Nutrition, & Variety”

Twelve Oaks Catering is a full service catering company that has been specializing in educational catering since 1989.
We offer a balanced menu that meets or exceeds all State nutritional requirements with food students like to eat! Menus offer up to 3 entree selections daily! Our menus offer fresh fruit and vegetables every day! The selections are generally low fat, “oven baked-never fried”, and lower in sugar but still attractive to the tastes of the students.

Our kitchens are safe and sanitary environments. We employ a H.A.C.C.P. program to assure safe food production and accurate temperature control. All of our courteous delivery drivers, servers, and cooks have undergone background checks and food production training to provide you with safe and efficient service.

How the program works:

The program offers two ways to order lunch.

1. You may make cash purchases for lunch on a daily basis.

2. You may open a debit card account at the school with Twelve Oaks personnel and order lunch on a daily basis. The opening balance should be at least twenty dollars ($20.00) and can be updated/replenished as needed at the school with a deposit of a check or cash with Twelve Oaks personnel. Debit accounts can also be opened and replenished with your credit card at www.twelveoakscatering.com by purchasing “Debit Cards” at our secure shopping cart. You will receive a confirmation email showing a credit to your account. Because your school will have an off-line debit system, we will not be able to give you “real-time” balances, but we can relay that balance to you on the following day after a request has been made.

This program is optional. Children can also bring their own lunch to school.