Teachers and Staff 2013-2014

Good Shepherd is proud to have an experienced team of staff members who are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, collaborative, and dedicated to achieving spiritual and educational excellence in every child.

Administration & Staff
Pastor Rev. José Luís Esparza
Principal Mrs. Gail Richardson-Bassett
Teacher in Charge Mrs. Tanya Glickler
Office Administrator Mrs. Debbie Lendl
Business Manager Mrs. Johnnie Harris
Technology Director Mr. Billy Compton
Athletic Director Coach Josie Rendon
Health Coordinator Mrs. Becky Vasquez
Pre-K 3 Mrs. Catherine Esteban
Pre-K 4 Mrs. Leslie Marlow
Primary Grades
Kindergarten Ms. Heather Harrill
1st Grade Ms. Diana Velazquez
2nd Grade Mrs. Pauline Stoffels
Intermediate Grades
3rd Grade Ms. Pamela Aguilar
4th Grade Ms. Mary McDonald
5th Grade Ms. Barbara Lenzer
Middle School
Language Arts Mrs. Tanya Glickler
Math & Religion 6-7 Ms. Joanna Brunet
Science Mrs. Rosina Hogan
Social Studies Mr. Ben Compton
Specialty Classes
Art & Religion 8 Mrs. Joanne Vitek
Music, Choir, and Drama Mrs. Cathy DeLorenz
Computer Mr. Billy Compton
Spanish K-5 Mrs. Josie Rendon
Spanish 6-8 Mr. Ben Compton
Physical Education Coach Caroline Weldon
Library Manager Mrs. Jacque Cook